Dust and Mud - Photography by Dana Thomas
Pray the News

The world changes. It is foolish to think that it doesn't. So today, after many years, when I went to the website; praythenews.org and found it inactive, I shouldn't have been surprised. Despite my long absence from the site, I felt a strong sense of loss. The website was founded in 2001 by Carmelite nuns in Indianapolis. A reclusive order faced with an aging population they hoped to open up to the outside world and attract those with a calling to their way of life. The website delivered thoughtful and compassionate commentary about news from around the world.

I frequently visited praythenews.org in the early 2000's to better come to terms with the chaos engulfing the world. I took comfort from the sister's viewpoints. Whether I agreed or disagreed, their writings were well reasoned and above all contained a measure of grace missing in conventional commentaries. There was also solace in the knowledge that they were lifting their viewpoints up in prayer daily.

Somewhere along the way, for reasons I cannot articulate, I stopped visiting the Carmelite sisters. Today, with venom floating on the airwaves and longing for a measured view of events, I clicked on praythenews.org only to find it closed. The website told me that the order had deactivated the site and moved away from Indianapolis. Further research revealed that the sisters, reduced in number to only nine and with an average age of over 70, had sold their monastery and now shared a compound with an order of the Sisters of Saint Francis.

Praythenews.org is gone, but the sister's internet farewell assured me that they would continue to pray the news on a daily basis. With compassion in short supply, I hope they are able to keep their word.